About us

About us

We Are not A Tiger farm

      Because we do not raise the tigers to sell or to exchange with other wildlife animals. Our goal is to ensure that all of our tigers will live in the natural environments that make them feel safe, happy, comfortable and live as long as their maximum life expectancy at the age of 18-20 years. We are experienced and expert in raising and living with tigers in cages for more than 30 years. Throughout those years, we had been closely observing and studying their lives so that we could understand their behaviors from generations to generations.

     The most exciting and attractive place in Pattaya; nice, clean, and natural. Only here you can feel, touch, hug and take photos with tigers without chains or drug control in their enclosures 10-15 mins. (will be charged) You can choose to go in the cage (10-15 mins.) to play and take photos with tigers by single cage or many cages as you want. We have our tiger trainers staying with you in the cage all the time to make you feel safe. The trainers will try to position the tiger so that you feel comfortable and safe in a shot. We also have a restaurant and Cafe’ Amazon where you can have buffet lunch and drink coffee while watching tigers playing around you. Come and enjoy this special Moment, once in a lifetime experence !

Food & Drink

Buffet Lunch start from 11:00 – 16:00  Enjoy our tasty food at reasonable price in our restaurant which a la carte food and buffet option are your choices.